Saraji Group specialises in providing turn-key solutions to help our clients minimise risk, maximise efficiency and grow their business to their full potential. We strive to be the best in the industry, becoming the security provider of choice and delivering services that are second to none for our clients.

Our whole business operates on five core values; integrity, customer focus, commitment & reliability, performance and expertise.

We have a solid Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy that is at the core of our daily operations and guides our future growth. We’re aware that our responsibility extends beyond maximising profitability and that we must take into consideration the impact we have on those around us, our stakeholders/clients and the environment. All of our employees and those we work with are actively engaged in our sustainability efforts and take pride in being involved with a company that is focused on the importance of people, the planet and profit.

MES also recognises that the pure nature of our work and the volatile environment where it is conducted exposes our employees to a high risk of harm. Therefore it is particularly important to us that our HSE Policy is robust and reflects our commitment to managing and mitigating potential risks across our company.

Our HSE Policy forms an essential part of our Quality Management System and reflects the integrated way we work across MES in the areas of health, safety and the environment (HSE).

Our core values


We believe that every business should have moral obligations as well as business ones. We are committed to working as a company that focuses on treating others as we would hope to be treated – with fairness, honesty and abiding by our word. So you can trust us to do the right thing.

An outside third party that wishes to voice a grievance against the company or its employees can do so through contacting

Grievance complaints will be investigated by the Country Management Team and complainants will receive a response to their grievances as soon as practicably possible with efficiency and with the correct transparency.

The timeframe from initial grievance report to the reply will be within 5-10 working days.

The information provided by complainants will be treated by the company on a totally confidential and anonymous basis if they should choose. Complainants have our guarantee that their comments will be heard and acted upon.

Please click on the below links to read full Code of Conduct, Grievance and External Complaints Policies.


IRQ-MES-HR-009 – MES Grievance Policy.pdf

IRQ-MES-HR-021 External Complaints Policy.pdf

Customer Focus

Delivering our client promises is crucial in our development and business survival. We don’t just want our customers to be satisfied with our services, we want to go above and beyond what is expected of us so our clients know they’re receiving the best in class services.

Commitment & Reliability

We are 100% committed to every project we work on. No matter how big or small you are we make sure you receive the highest of standards, on time and as promised. We are a company that is dependable and we produce what we promise.


We always set the standards high and aim to guide and inspire our employees to reach and exceed the expectations. Through creating a working environment which drives our employees to be the best we can ensure our business performs and grows year on year. To ensure our performance is always of the highest standard possible, we have embarked on achieving ISO’s 9001-2015, Quality Management Systems (QMS), 18788-2015 Security Operational Management Systems (SOMS) and ANSI/ASIS PSC 1-2012 PSC Quality Assurance Management System through MSS Global who are one of only two companies accredited through ICoCA to certify Private Security Companies in the world.


We recruit the most skilled staff members with the highest levels of professional expertise to create a team that will ensure you, your business, employees and assets are fully protected.