Saraji Group is a market leader in providing logistical support, security and risk management services.


We understand that wherever your investment opportunities take you, efficient, tailored and robust solutions help form the corner stone of future commercial success. We have extensive experience in providing such solutions to various organisations operating in Iraq including some of the largest oil and gas companies.

Saraji Group has been providing specialised logistical support services in Iraq since 2004 and as an Iraqi company we have a sound understanding of the challenges faced in the post-conflict environment.

Our security services, Mesopotamian Eagles Security, is staffed by a combination of Iraqi nationals and foreign consultants with many years’ experience in their field of expertise. We are fully licensed to operate within the Iraq private security sector and are an Affiliate member of the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) for Private Security Companies. We are now certified ISO’s 9001-2015, Quality Management Systems (QMS), 18788-2015 Security Operational Management Systems (SOMS) and ANSI/ASIS PSC 1-2012 PSC Quality Assurance Management System and are working to become full members of ICoCA.

As part of our robust and efficient security service we also provide a range of professional, accurate and bespoke security consultancy tools which will help you understand, manage and mitigate current and potential risks.

Our aim is to support our clients and provide best in class services that will enable them to safely conduct their business activities, aiding their growth in the dynamic world in which they operate.