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MES Risk Management

MES Risk Management is a dedicated intelligence and operational threat management system that allows us, and by extension you, to remain ahead of any risks to your organisation.

We support a number of organisations working in Iraq, providing them with a much deeper awareness and understanding of any potential security situation and also adding a more unique level of risk appreciation that helps ensure they remain at the forefront of their respective field.

Why MES Risk Management?

At MES Risk Management our team of experts all share one simple goal; to help make your organisation a success.  We have recruited the highest level of experienced Intelligence Managers to provide you with a range of professional, accurate and bespoke security consultancy products which will help you to safely conduct your business.

This high level of expertise is delivered via a structured and complimentary suite of MES intelligence assessment products which will identify potential risks; prevent a crisis from occurring and manage a crisis if prevention doesn’t work.

Our services and expertise 

Spot, Daily and Weekly Intelligence Reports

We have recruited a team of expert intelligence managers who are dedicated to producing strategic, informative and effective risk management reports that will ensure you can safely carry out your operations.

Our intelligence is sourced via a well-developed network of information unique to Mesopotamian Eagles Security as an Iraqi-backed organisation.

In order to provide the most commercially effective level of insight, our team then builds upon this understanding using expert analysis of the political, economic and security forces that pressure the investment environment.

These reports are delivered directly to clients on a daily and weekly basis. They are designed to identify longer-term threats to investments and operations and deliver a much deeper level of commercially valuable insight.

Post Incident Analysis Report

MES Risk Management believes that the right information is only ever as good as the speed with which it reaches the decision maker.  That is why our intelligence team will provide clients with timely, bespoke post-incident analysis of major events occurring within their area of operations.

Our team of experts are also available to assist our clients directly via VoIP, Skype or email.

Threat and Risk Analysis

At MES we understand that where some might see risk, others identify opportunity. That is why we have recruited a specialist team of intelligence experts dedicated to monitoring the volatile and potentially high-risk areas in which you operate. This allows us to produce uniquely insightful operational and strategic risk management reports, designed to ensure our clients maintain their effectiveness while remaining at the forefront of their respective fields.


MES can provide security consultancy services to ensure your property, personnel and business is subjected to the minimal level of risk. Our security consultants, equipped with a number of MES consultancy tools can evaluate current security levels, protective penetrative testing and advise on the best methods of both technical and physical security to minimize the risk to your business.

Our approach
• Assess the risks
• Implement a risk management and corrective action program
• Carry out ongoing assessment and penetration testing

Project Management

MES are experts in providing project management solutions to new and existing projects within emerging markets and have significant experience within high risk, hostile and post conflict environments.  We can offer a cost effective ‘turn-key’ solution by combining our ability to provide expert staff, logistics support, and HSSE (Health Safety, Security and Environment) consultancy combined with our full range of support services.

Our approach
• Provide a cost effective solution based on our clients business needs
• Constant ongoing support and communications throughout
• Integration of MES expertise to provide a ‘turn-key’solution
• Ensuring ongoing auditable quality standards are documented throughout the project

Crisis Management

MES works very closely with our clients to ensure we have a complete understanding of their business environment, culture and both real and perceived operational risks. This allows our senior consultants to design a tailor made crisis management system that can not only minimize the risk of an incident to our clients but provide an effective post incident crisis management response. We can deploy our consultants Iraq-wide post incident and work with your employees, local authorities and key stakeholders to manage the crisis quickly and efficiently.

Our approach

• Identify the immediate risk by detailed risk analysis and threat assessment
• Design a bespoke crisis management system
• Implement the crisis management system to include training to key personnel
• Post incident rapid response by deploying highly trained and effective security consultants

Protective Services

• Close protection
• Security Guarding
• Asset Protection
• High Risk and Hostile Environment Protection

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