Saraji Group’s 4th induction programme starts off with an intense few days

Saraji Group’s fourth induction programme is off to an intense start this week.

Previous feedback has led to this course being amended slightly, encompassing more aspects of Site Security Management in a hostile environment, in conjunction with the Personal Security Detail (PSD) side of security work.

It has meant that there are many more additional elements to the course this time round, which need to be covered within the five day training programme which is proving a busy and challenging course for candidates so far.

The first day saw candidates develop their knowledge of hostile environment driving skills with a presentation from Paul Evans, Director of Tracks Apart. This was followed by training sessions focusing on conflict management, introduction to operating in hostile environments, pre-deployment requirements and site security survey presentations, all of these skills needed for operating for Saraji Group as part of our operational team in Basra.

The candidates have now been tasked to produce their own site surveys after conducting a typical site reece and will present these later today to the group and instructors.

The rest of the week will see candidates refreshing their knowledge and skills on GPS navigation, mission planning, managing and mitigating potential attacks, cultural awareness and Saraji Group’s company policies and procedures.

Those who successfully complete the course will be deployed onto Saraji Group’s ever growing number of security projects in Iraq, which now consist of numerous rig site security and PSD contracts with clients such as; Halliburton, DHL, Baker Hughes, ROO (Rumaila Operating Organization),  Bureau Veritas and  Bonatti to name but a few.

The aim of the course is to ensure Saraji Group recruits high calibre and dedicated security professionals to join our company operating in Iraq. With a company ethos which has a key focus on the clients expectations, it is essential that Saraji Group provides our clients with the best security capability and personnel in the industry, of which our UK HEAT course, ran in conjunction with Perseus Risk, forms an integral part of.