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In addition to the work we do relating to our products and services we're proud to share our news and the events we're associated with.

If you do attend any of our events please make sure you drop by and say hello, we're always happy to meet our clients and discuss further how we can meet the industry's needs.

Employee Induction programme planned for January 2015

Saraji Group is thrilled to announce that we will be running our third induction course in January 2015. With 90% of previous course candidates now deployed onto contracts within the company we need to recruit additional professional and motivated SSMs and TLs for upcoming projects starting in Q1 2015. To learn more about these roles,… Read more »

Saraji Group sponsor the IBBC’s Autumn Conference 2014

Saraji Group were thrilled to sponsor and attend the IBBC’s Autumn conference: Iraq, Accentuating the Positive last week on 5 & 6 November. The conference saw more than 150 members come together to discuss Iraq at present and the mid-long term prospects it has to offer. Day 1 contained discussions around successful businesses currently operating in… Read more »

VBIED Attack: Basra City 30th Sept 14

During the afternoon of the 30th September, a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) device was detonated in a car park in the Hayy al-Dakir area of central Basra City. The device was of comparatively modest yield and caused damage to a number of nearby vehicles, however, only two minor casualties were reported. The attack… Read more »

Saraji Group run second successful induction course

Saraji Group’s new induction programme was successfully completed last week resulting in all 10 candidates being deployed on the company’s Iraq based contracts within the next 30 days. The course was ran in partnership with Perseus Risk Management who delivered the training for Saraji Group at their idyllic 1200 acre fully supported Hostile Environment training… Read more »

SRM Threat and Risk Analysis Report: 12 – 15 Sept

during this reporting period has been understandably dominated by two distinct, but nevertheless equally significant events. Firstly the international summit of world leaders who met in order to agree a plan of action designed to combat the terrorist threat, and secondly the release of video footage showing the murder of a third kidnap victim, UK… Read more »

SRM Threat and Risk Analysis Report: 09 – 11 Sept

The reporting period began in a comparatively quiet manner, however, the deployment of relatively large number of IED and VBIED devices across several locations ultimately returned the overall volume of incidents to levels comparable to preceding periods. The majority of counter terrorism operations have remained focused upon key strategic areas throughout both Salahuddin and Ninawa… Read more »

SRM Post Incident Report Triple IED Attack: Basra City

Executive Summary: During the evening of the 11th September, three Under Vehicle Improvised Explosive Devices (UVIEDs) detonated at three separate locations in central Basra City. The devices were emplaced in the vicinity of three separate, locally owned private security firms, which in conjunction with a relatively short time span between attacks suggest the blasts may… Read more »

Saraji Group’s September Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of Saraji Group’s newsletter. We’re continually evolving our services and have a lot planned for the rest of 2014 and onwards. We wanted to ensure we kept you up to date with all our company developments and the latest industry news so what better way than to send out our… Read more »

Iraq: 05 – 08 September 2014

After the recent broadcast of the murder of a second US journalist, Steven Sotloff, it appears US domestic political opinion towards continued involvement in Iraq has somewhat galvanised. This was marked most notably by the expansion of aerial operations westwards from the periphery of the KRG region, towards more overt support of the ISF counter… Read more »

Iraq: 02- 05 SEPTEMBER 2014

The overall number of explosive device attacks was somewhat reduced from the previous reporting  period, however, a large VBIED, and separately SVBIED attack in both Kadhimiya and central  baghdad, killed 31 individuals as well as wounded a further 55. Less deadly but nevertheless noteworthy attacks were reported in the areas of Jurf al-Sakhar, Kirkuk and… Read more »