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In addition to the work we do relating to our products and services we're proud to share our news and the events we're associated with.

If you do attend any of our events please make sure you drop by and say hello, we're always happy to meet our clients and discuss further how we can meet the industry's needs.

Iraq: 10 Arp – 13 Apr 2015

In advance of his first ever visit to Washington as Prime Minister of Iraq, PM Haider al-Abadi has reportedly removed 300 senior members of the Iraqi Armed Forces. The move was widely hailed as a significant effort to tackle the endemic corruption that continues to plague the security forces of Iraq. The visit by al-Abadi… Read more »

The Latest News from Saraji Group

Saraji Group Becomes Accredited Training Provider   Saraji Group are thrilled to announce that they have now become a registered training provider, approved to deliver the following accredited training courses: Level 2 Award Security Guarding Level 2 Award Health & Safety Level 3 First Aid at Work (FPOS-I equivalent)  Level 2 Award In Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and… Read more »

Tikrit still not fully under control

Despite suggestions that Tikrit is now fully under the control of pro-government forces, reports of clashes throughout the periphery of the city have continued to support previous assessments by the SRM intelligence team, that ISIS forces were unlikely to completely retreat from the area. Whether those positions have been reinforced in order to allow for… Read more »

Saraji Group’s 4th induction programme starts off with an intense few days

Saraji Group’s fourth induction programme is off to an intense start this week. Previous feedback has led to this course being amended slightly, encompassing more aspects of Site Security Management in a hostile environment, in conjunction with the Personal Security Detail (PSD) side of security work. It has meant that there are many more additional… Read more »

Reports of potential co-operation from the coalition in a bid to re-take Tikrit

After a sustained period of denial during which representatives within Baghdad maintained they would not require coalition aerial support in order to re-take Tikrit, sources within both Baghdad as well as the coalition community have now suggested some reassessment of that position is likely. Whether that change in government position reflects an underestimation of ISIS… Read more »

Saraji Group Become Certified Training Providers

Saraji Group are thrilled to announce that they have now become a registered training provider, approved to deliver the following accredited training courses:  Level 2 Award for Security Guarding Level 2 Award for Health & Safety Level 3 Award for First Aid at Work (HABC equivalent to First Person On the Scene Intermediate) The company were… Read more »

Post Incident Report: Baghdad International Airport

On the 26th January, during its approach to landing passengers on FlyDubai flight FZ215 reported being struck on the hands and forearms by plastic, believed to have originated from the interior of the aircraft. Several passengers then reported discovering metallic objects near their feet. After landing at 13.50 (local time), an inspection of the fuselage… Read more »

Saraji Groups December Newsletter

November and December have been busy months here at Saraji Group with the stand-up of three new projects for our security division, Mesopotamian Eagles Security. These new projects include: A 12 month contract award in support of CCC (Consolidated Contractors Company) in Iraq. The contract is to provide physical security services at the main CCC… Read more »

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Saraji Group at 5th Oil & Gas Show, Basra

Saraji Group joined some of the largest companies operating in Iraq last week at the 5th Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition in Basra, the biggest event in Iraq’s oil & gas calendar. The exhibition gave some 150 exhibitors and more than 8,000 visitors the opportunity to come together and share their knowledge of the… Read more »