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Saraji Group Logistics Services

Saraji Group Logistics has been providing specialised logistical support services in Iraq for over 9 years and as an indigenous company, we understand post-conflict environment challenges from a local perspective where business growth has developed significantly, both in and around the oil and gas industry.

Why Saraji Group Logistics?

Ever since its inception in 2004, Saraji Group has established a well-renowned name for itself. With headquarters in Iraq, the company has been active in numerous sectors providing diversified and professional services.

Our unique ability to provide a turn-key solution to the oil and gas industry, predominately in the southern regions of Iraq has allowed Saraji Group Logistics to become a market leader in this sector.

Our services and expertise

Logistics Support Services, Turn-Key Solutions

As a member of the Saraji Group of Companies, Saraji Group Logistics has the ability to provide our clients with a unique turn-key solution to the provision of security services. As such, Saraji Group Logistics, in partnership with Mesopotamian Eagles Security, can not only provide logistical support but also high quality security provision including guarding towers, T-walls, sand berms, specialist security lights and technical security solutions as well as fully licensed security personnel and management.

Campsite Construction and Maintenance

SGC Logistics has extensive experience in the provision of rig and camp construction services to many of the largest Oil and Gas support company’s currently operating in Iraq.

We provide swift and cost effective solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Our construction and maintenance services include physical security elements, camp construction and camp erection, accommodation units, life support equipment, and other vital  services.

MES can also support in addition to the above services to deliver threat and risk assessments to support remote camp construction operations in Iraq.

Our logistics personnel work around the clock to achieve our client’s aims. SGC Logistics ensures that products and services are delivered as promised and within the time constraints which our client base is often pressured by.

We are also able to provide other life support elements such as on site catering services, physical security manning, transportation, maintenance, and waste management.

As a member of the Saraji Group of companies, Saraji Group Logistics is able to provide other life support elements to our clients such as on site catering services, physical security manning, transportation, maintenance and waste management.

Waste Management

SGC Logistics’ Waste Management department is designed to compliment the SGC ethos of  providing a ‘turn-key’ solution  by proving cost effective services that are inline with our clients waste management requirements. SGC Logistics provide all types of Waste Management including; hazardous and non hazardous waste disposal.

At SGC we pride ourselves on reaching international standards in all our areas of operations and waste management is no exception.

SGC conserves natural resources and minimizes waste through source reduction and recycling. We handle and dispose of waste in safe, environmentally responsible methods, and we encourage energy efficiency as well as the use of renewable energy sources. Our waste management solutions ensure that waste is disposed of in accordance with all Iraqi environmental regulations and legislation.

SGC Logistics’ highest priorities are; the health and safety of our clients, and their people, the protection of the environment and the local community. The effective management of these  concerns is  an integral  component to the success and progress of our business.

Fuel Supply

SGC Logistics offers the provision of high quality fuel in accordance with our clients requirements. Our fuel is tested prior to delivery to ensure we only provide the highest standard to our clients. Problematic fuel cost can stifle a project, especially when considering the high value nature of equipment and daily operations within the Oil and Gas sector.

SGC Logistics fuel check and approved providers policy ensures that all of the fuel SGC Logistics supply meets and exceed the standards required by our clients.

Special rates are available subject to quantity and longevity of fuel purchase agreements. Fuel specification’s are always provided upon request.

Equipment Rental

As a leading supplier of logistical services in the south of Iraq, SGC Logistics has an existing portfolio of equipment which is available to lease on a short and long term basis.

We offer our clients equipment rental inclusive of our experienced operators to ensure that equipment is operated by experienced and qualified personnel, as well as achieving maximum productivity for our clients to avoid additional and non essential expenditures.

SGC Logistics also offers the provision of generators on a short and long term rental basis. We offer a variety of packages which may included fuel, servicing, maintenance and operation dependent on our clients needs. Various sizes are available and a member of the SGC Logistics team can advise on power output requirements prior to agreeing on what rental size is necessary.


SGC Logistics offers the transportation of goods and materials from company bases or stores to the client. We deliver all materials and goods in a secure transport and within the client’s deadlines.

Our Journey Management system is designed to control the safe movement of vehicles, drivers, equipment, and operators. We are able to monitor driver / operator behavior such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, impact, roll over, seat belt monitoring, 4WD engage, trip planning, scheduling, driver fatigue management. This journey management system is in place to reduce the costs to the company and also, reduces the number of accidents and incidents that we have. SGC Logistics provides, upon request, a full quotation and break down of our journey management system to all clients.

SGC Logistics is strategically located in central Basra and as an integral part of our transportation service we also provide key Iraqi local liaison.

Procurement and General Supply

SGC understands the need for high quality products and materials. We offer comprehensive procurement services such as warehousing and distribution to companies operating in southern Iraq.

SGC Logistics can tailor make a procurement and general supply solution that is right for each of our client’s needs.

We pride ourselves on reaching international standards in all our areas of operation and have worked hard to develop an established network of major manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the quality and authenticity of all products and materials we supply to our clients.

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